Startup Weekend Santa Maria #2 Recap


Wow. What an amazing journey! To all those who braved the weekend, thank you! Thank you for joining us and making Startup Weekend Santa Maria a fantastic ride of innovation, creative thinking, and entrepreneurship. Congratulations to Heal R Soles, the winner of Startup Weekend Santa Maria #2!!

Approximately 65 people came together on Friday night and 37 individuals pitched an idea. The entrepreneur behind what would turn out to be the winning pitch probably had no idea what she was about to embark on. She pitched and the rest is history. The story behind Heal R Soles is one of Cinderella status.

Joining Heal R Soles were 7 exciting startup teams including:

An idea aiming to redefine the grocery shopping experience.

Study Guard
A web based platform that consolidates knowledge and attempts to curb the freeloading problem.

Bootstrap Barter
A platform to bring Entrepreneurs together, providing the solution for start ups to bootstrap their ventures.

Drop a Load
An application that connects people that need to do laundry with real people willing to do laundry for money.

Paleta Pop
A delicious protein pop concept.

An after-school centers for kids focusing on STEAM-based learning.

Cloud Star
A homecare cloud portal.

All the teams who pitched are winners in our book. To the coaches and mentors, thank you for sharing your time and expertise. And to our amazing judges, thanks for joining us!

Here’s to the future of these teams and the future of entrepreneurship in Santa Maria!!